The Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation provides PRIME Grants (Promoting Rock Island Milan Education) to teachers, schools, and District 41 to improve the quality of education of students throughout the District.

This year, the Education Foundation awarded a record amount of nearly $70,000 in grants throughout the Rock Island-Milan School District at a press conference at Rock Island High School where 37 applicants were awarded grant funding. This is a 185% increase over last year’s funding.

Grant Applications are due June 19, 2014. All teachers throughout the District have the opportunity each year to apply for classroom and school grants from the Foundation.  Each individual teacher grant can be no more than $1,000 and must meet certain guidelines.

During 2013, the Foundation approved individual grants for 14 teachers throughout 10 schools in the District. The teachers receiving individual grants and the projects that were funded are:

  • Jim Adams, Rock Island High School – $1,000 for a 3-D printer
  • Cindy Arkebauer and Angie Brownson, Eugene Field Elementary – $500 each to purchase stability balls for “Operation Focus”
  • Mike Carton, Frances Willard Elementary – $826.96 for technology for a “flipped classroom”
  • Kirk Humphreys, Washington Junior High – $903 for graphing calculators
  • Mychele Mack, Earl Hanson Elementary – $400 to purchase materials for a 2nd grade science Life Cycles project
  • Crystal McCaw, Eugene Field Elementary – $500 to purchase Apple iPad keyboards and a printer
  • Kim McClellan, Eugene Field – $957 for The Letter Factory DVDs for each incoming Kindergarten student
  • Krystle Padilla, RI Academy – $992.60 for Lego BuildToExpress kits
  • Angie Paprocki, Denkmann Elementary – $1,000 to purchase books for a classroom-checkout library
  • Troy Porter, Thomas Jefferson Elementary – $1,000 to create a student driven classroom library
  • Kathy Reimers, RI Center for Math and Science – $138.29 for Scholastic News classroom subscription
  • Courtney Stone, RIHS – $980 to fund Mimio Interactive Blackboard and iPad technology
  • Joanne Wolever, Denkmann – $329 for 2nd grade Common Core reading materials
  • Julie Zarlatanes, Edison Junior High – $692.23 to purchase 8th grade non-fiction reading materials

School/Departmental Grants requests may be no more than $3,000 and must meet certain criteria. The 16 school/departmental grants across 10 schools that received funding for 2013 are:

  • Peggy Canning, Washington – $2,992.46 to purchase fitness equipment for all physical education students
  • Kathy Evanchyk, Washington – $2,244.15 for iPad covers and a charging station
  • Henry Hall, Kimberly Dillener, Holly Hott, Carol Schoening, Becky Morley, and Jane Strickler, Earl Hanson – $3,000 to purchase iPads for 5th/6th graders
  • Julie Hansen, RI Center for Math & Science – $1,744.63 to fund additional Lego BuildToExpress kits
  • Lynn Keck, Wendy Kerker, Susan Lyon, Jennifer Morgan, and Melinda Wildermuth, Ridgewood Elementary – $2,680 for 5th/6th grade art education
  • Michelle Lillis, RIHS – $3,000 to purchase pre-calculus textbooks
  • Christine MacDonald, Linda Tobin, and Ashley Hebbeln, Thomas Jefferson – $2,978.20 funding for LEGO BuildToExpress sets for 1st/2nd grade students
  • Jeff Martin, RICMS – $2,983.38 to purchase xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels
  • Susan Meredith and Tim Carroll, Edison – $828 for document cameras
  • Teri Miller, Katy Slininger, Cindy Arkebauer, and Angie Brownson, Eugene Field – $2,999 for funding iBooks and iMovie for iPads for 3rd/4th graders
  • James Slankard, Ashley Brumbaugh, Ebonie Wilmington, Stephanie Sanders, and Carol Kossaris, RI Academy – $2,989 to fund the “Pride of the Academy” project
  • Kristie Sullivan, Jim Thompson, and Katie Hortzler, Washington – $2,598.44 to purchase microscopes and slide kits
  • Kiley VanOpdorop, Tara Niemeier, Mandi Stout, and Laura Erikson, Longfellow Elementary – $3,000 to buy Discovery Packs for 1st-3rd grades
  • Maggie Voss, Joe Mowen, Troy Copeland, and Kristin Holmberg, Edison – $2,793 to purchase iPads for the social studies department
  • Liz Wayne, Washington – $3,000 for functional special education materials
  • Dennis Weiss, Eugene Field – $3,000 for non-fiction reading materials

Additionally, the Education Foundation funded six District-wide grants that affected students throughout the entire District. District-wide grants may be no more than $4,000. The approved grants were:

  • Megan Bartlett, District band – $1,539.12 for materials to implement SmartMusic throughout the elementary schools
  • Giovanna Davila, Thomas Jefferson – $3,706.23 to purchase World Drumming to be used by all elementary schools
  • Matt Manweiler and Debbie Wegener, District orchestra – $3,999.49 to implement SmartMusic throughout the orchestra program
  • Mary Lou McLaughlin, RIHS – $1,000 for the Medal of Honor banquet, to honor students that have proven to be all-around exceptional students
  • Rock Island-Milan First Day Fund – $4,000 to purchase school supplies for students from Kindergarten to sixth grade
  • Kathy Taylor, District 41 – $2,000 for funding for the Quad City Arts’ Visiting Artist Series in eight elementary schools

Each year the Foundation receives more funding requests than it can support. This year, a record-number 55 grant applications were submitted, with requests totaling $107,000.

The Foundation funds these and other projects throughout the school district with funds donated from the community. With the grant application cycle left this year, the Foundation is seeking donations to fund these and other worthy projects. To donate, download a brochure or contact Cosette Thoms at (309) 793-5900 x230.


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