The Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation awarded a record amount of $72,506 in PRIME Grants (Promoting Rock Island Milan Education) throughout the Rock Island-Milan School District at the Opening Day Ceremony for the district at the Rock Island High School where 41 applicants were awarded grant funding.The Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation provides grants to teachers, schools and District 41 to improve the quality of education for students in the District. All teachers and schools have a chance annually to apply for funding from the Education Foundation. Each teacher can apply for a $1,000 grant; school/department grants are available for up to $3,000; and district grants where multiple schools will be affected are available for $4,000.

Individual teachers that received grant funding from the Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation for 2014 are:

  • Linda Anderson, Ridgewood Elementary – $439.56 for Letter Factory DVD’s
  • Brin Arnold, Longfellow Elementary – $1,000 for Kindergarten reading materials
  • Kim Dillender, Earl Hanson Elementary – $1,000 for iPads
  • Yolanda Grandberry-Pugh, Rock Island High School – $1,000 for Chromebooks
  • Henry Hall, Earl Hanson – $1,000 for iPads
  • Susan Lyon, Ridgewood – $558.93 for a microscope and non-fiction reading materials
  • Jeff Martin, RICMS – $735.07 for percussion instruments and reading materials
  • Tara Niemeier, Longfellow – $1,000 for Common Core reading materials
  • Krystle Padilla, RI Academy – $1,000 for reading assessment books
  • Leah Quintana, Frances Willard Elementary – $999.98 for a Smart TV
  • Ashley Reeves, RI Academy – $135.83 for Writer’s Workshop materials
  • Mandi Stout, Longfellow – $1,000 for Common Core reading materials
  • Joann Stribling, RIHS – $819 for dual credit nursing class materials
  • Jennifer Tacker, Denkmann – $945.45 for Lego story kits
  • Trace Timm, Denkmann – $775.85 for 3rd grade reading materials
  • Kiley Van Opdorp, Longfellow – $1,000 for iPads
  • Lisa Wells, Washington – $998.81 for 7th/8th grade art supplies
  • Chad Wickard, RICMS – $984.74 for non-fiction reading materials
  • Melinda Wildermuth, Ridgewood – $300 for special classroom library book sets

The School/Departmental Grants requests that received funding for 2014 are:

  • Sarah Andrus, RI Center for Math & Science – $1,764.82 for Comprehension Club 5th grade reading materials
  • Arlene Axup, Denkmann Elementary – $2,660 for iPads
  • Kendrick Burrage, Washington Junior High – $3,000 for heart rate monitors
  • Michael Carton, Frances Willard– $2,257 for David Schwartz’s math/science presentation
  • Kathleen Evanchyk, Washington – $3,000 for graphing calculators
  • Alannah Golden and Krystle Padilla, RI Academy – $2,958.20 for Momentum reading/math kits
  • Julie Hansen, RICMS – $2,257 for David Schwartz’s math/science presentation
  • Lynn Keck, Ridgewood – $2,257 for David Schwartz’s math/science presentation
  • Jennifer Knuth and the Lighthouse Team, Denkmann – $1,555 for the Leader in Me Job Project
  • Susan Meredith and Tim Carroll, Edison Junior High – $3,000 for graphing calculators
  • Amy Moffitt, RICMS – $2,949.97 for Rymes ‘n Times math materials
  • Karen Neder, Language/Speech Dept. – $1,001.51 for the SALT program
  • Jennifer Pfaff and Katie Harfst, Edison – $2,762.51 for hands-on science materials
  • James Slankard, RI Academy – $2,817.50 for the Pride of the Academy
  • Kristie Sullivan, Washington – $2,951.25 for iPads and microscopes
  • Jennifer Trenary, Edison – $2,358 for heart rate monitors
  • Dennis Weiss, Field Elementary – $2,960.32 for STEM materials
  • Julie Zarlatanes and Lindsay Anderson, Edison – $1,903.44 for The Hunger Games book project

District grants that were funded by the Foundation this year are:

  • Megan Bartlett, District band – $3,779.97 for materials to implement SmartMusic throughout the district’s band
  • Kim Colson, District 41 – $1,000 for the Medal of Honor banquet
  • Virginia Jarrett, District 41 – $4,000 for the First Day Fund
  • Matt Manweiler and Debbie Wegener, District Orchestra – $3,619.98 for materials to implement SmartMusic throughout the district’s orchestra

Each year the Foundation receives more funding requests than it can support. This year, a record-number 56 grant applications were submitted, with requests totaling $96,800.

The Foundation will be accepting grant applications for the 2015-2016 school year starting January 2015. The Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation was able to fund these request through the generous donations from individuals and businesses within the community. Donations are always needed for educational grants to be used in District 41. Visit the Education Foundation website or contact Cosette Thoms at (309) 793-5900 x230 to help fund these and other worthy projects.


PRIME Grant Application


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