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Reading Rocks , agendas and procrastination…

April 7th, 2014 · No Comments

Yes!  The Reading Rocks met last Thursday and it is now Monday.  What about it?  The meeting was cacophonous  and jubilant,  as usual.  The RIHS book club group are arguably the most interesting and interested humans on this planet, therefore much discussion was had about books, movies, video games, writing and reading fan fiction, and […]

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In the form of a letter to a fallen Rock

February 24th, 2014 · 3 Comments

Dear Sydney, The Reading Rocks meeting on February 20th was raucous and fun, as usual, but you were missed.  We did talk about and distribute copies of the fabulous John Green book The fault in our stars, we had a few snacks, we heard about some public library programs from Emily Tobin, and we got some […]

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Other things that happened at book club

February 7th, 2014 · No Comments

February 6th, 2014, BEST BOOK CLUB EVER.   We talked about a few books, including the one we were SUPPOSED to talk about, Zoo by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge.  One of the Reading Rocks liked it because of the interesting, unusual premise.  I think we all agreed that the plot of animals reacting to human progress […]

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Reading Rocks Diverge

April 25th, 2013 · 2 Comments

Veronica Roth’s series opener Divergent dominated an erudite book club discussion this morning in the library.  Some of the dauntless few who came today used alarming candor in their evaluation of the book.  No one chose to abnegate their opinions or the doughnuts and juice offered, so we were all in a state of contented amity as the discussion […]

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Reading Rocks Revisited…

October 2nd, 2012 · No Comments

 With some great student input,  THE READING ROCKS will be a “thing” every other Thursday starting October 25th during the enrichment period 7:45 to 8:30 AM.  At our first meeting we will talk about books!  And reading books!  And the books you’ve read!  And the books you want to read!  And the books you want everybody to […]

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August 6th, 2012 · No Comments

Did you read anything over the summer or were you too busy enjoying the beautiful weather?  Bet you missed that sharp library wit!  I soaked up the air conditioning and read some of our Abe Lincoln nominated books.  My personal favorite so far is still Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother, a fantastic story of the aftermath […]

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A few good books…from our pal!

February 29th, 2012 · No Comments

When you see Mr. Wernentin in the hall, say THANK YOU!  He was able to get some new books for your library!  Here’s just a few of the new titles we have on display in our “New Books” section thanks to our awesome principal! 16 1/2 on the Block Sweet, Hereafter   A Stolen life […]

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Have a wonderful fall break!

October 6th, 2011 · 2 Comments

We will see you back in the library on October 24th, coincidentally when a LOT of books are due back!  We’re so glad you are planning some pleasure reading during your time off school work.  Some of you may be doing college visits, have a great time school shopping!  Here’s a few of the new books […]

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Lots and lots of new books!

October 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

You may have noticed a few changes in your library this year…check out the awesome display of infectious diseases on the grand piano!   I mean BOOKS about infectious diseases, of course!  But wait, there’s more!  We also have some great new Steampunk books: Hot and Steamy: Tales of Steampunk Romance, Retribution Falls,  The Rise of […]

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April 8th, 2011 · No Comments

The Illinois State Library program for high school students has posted it’s 2011-2012 reading listYou can check out  many of the titles here at your Rocky library!

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