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Reading Rocks and gender specific hilarity.

December 16th, 2016 · No Comments
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No one is sure exactly how it happened, but the Reading Rocks conducted an unexpected and unintentional experiment during the book club meeting yesterday.  The results were: some gender specific body parts are just more giggle worthy than others.  The meeting started with a pretty lively discussion of the book Laughing at my nightmare by Shane Burcaw.  Due to his physical limitations, Mr. Burcaw has to have other people help him out with basic bodily functions, leading to some pretty hilarious and embarrassing situations which thankfully he is more than willing to share with his readers.  But nobody really laughed too hard about that during the meeting, we were all kind of respecty about it maybe because we didn’t want to, you know, laugh at this handicapped guy, even though he totally wants you to laugh because he writes EXTREMELY  funny things.  One of the Rocks filled us in on how Shane raises money so other people with severe physical handicaps can get stuff that helps them live, which arguably isn’t funny but is more poignant, but hey, life is more than you know what and giggles.


Full circle!  So, then we had a time of nomination and voting for the books we’ll be reading next semester and among the recommendations was a book called In the body of the world by Eve Ensler who also wrote a play called…”The Vagina Monologues.”  NOW with the giggling!  All over the place!