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Saying goodbye to our little friends…

May 23rd, 2016 · 1 Comment
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The last Reading Rocks meeting of the year was a bittersweet event, although you’d never know it from the raucous guffawing of some of the attendees.  We were trying really hard to talk about Hyperbole and a half by the genius Allie Brosh, with mixed success.  Some of the Rocks were talking about when Allie had her oral surgery and then went to a party after shaming her mother into taking her, some were in a deep discussion about the value of a lonesome piece of corn to a disturbed mind, and others had a doughnut and left.

Then we talked about Life Sucks by Jessica Abel.  You should really check out her website, she is a wonderful advocate for writers and artist.  Some people thought the idea of a vampire convenience store clerk was fascinating, others thought that the whole vampire thing in YA literature is overdone, some thought it was confusing,  others had a doughnut and left.

Emily came and told us about some things!  She said there’s a book called To be or not to be: a choosable path adventure by Ryan North, Shakespeare, and YOU!  There is also a book called Adulthood is a Myth by Sarah Anderson.  It’s a true story.  So far.

Seek out Teen Gaming night on May 26th, and join the public library’s Goodreads teen book club, the book for June is Civil War, so, yeah, you should do that.

Also there will probably be some kind of summer reading thing at the public library, so I would encourage all Rocks to seek out that fabulousness and maybe get a prize beyond the reward of just being well read.

To all the wonderful Reading Rocks, the party is Wednesday after school, hope you can make it!

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