Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Policy Council

Our Policy Council consists of the director, management staff, parents and community members. Head Start regulations require that we have a Policy Council. Our council meets once a month and typically on the third Wednesday of the month at 11:30 am. The Policy Council has many responsibilities for continuing to make our program run successfully. The council approves/disapproves financial reports, new personnel, exiting personnel, and any new additions or changes to the program. For more information on Policy Council, please contact your family service worker.


The individual or group with legal and fiscal responsibility guides and directs the carrying out of the function described through the person or group given “operating responsibility”.


The individual or group that is directly responsible for carrying out or performing the function, consistent with the general guidance of the individual or group holding general responsibility.


The individual or group (other than persons or groups holding general and operating responsibility) must approve before the decision is finalized or action taken.  The individual or group must also have been consulted in the decision making process prior to the point of seeking approval.  If they do not approve, the proposal cannot be adopted, or the proposed action taken until agreement is reached between the disagreeing groups or individuals.

The individual or group must be called upon before any decision is made or approval is granted to give advice or information but not to make the decision or grant approval.

The individual or group may be called upon for information, advice, or recommendations by those individuals or groups having general or operating responsibility.

Policy Council Officers

Jodi Quinones – Chairperson

Bethany Huffaker   – Vice Chairperson

Libna King – Secretary