Saturday, August 19, 2017


Our curriculum is designed to address the whole child by gearing their learning experiences as such.  Our curriculum themes are as follows:

Welcome to School/Bus Safety/Pedestrian Safety
Me and My Family
Body and Senses
Community Helpers

The curriculum pieces that we use as part of our child development programs are:

The Creative Curriculum: a framework for planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate program

Ladders to Literacy: help children develop early literacy skills through engaging activities

Nutrition Education Curriculum: nutrition education lessons that can also be used to teach the skills and concepts of each content area

Beginning Health and Nutrition: teaching the child to take care of his or her own body

Dental Health Curriculum: provides meaningful experiences about dental health

Heart Treasure Chest: provides children with information about how to take care of their heart

As I Am: encourage parents to take active roles in their child’s mental health development focusing on the whole child

Chef Combo: helps children learn about nutrition and tasting nutritious foods

GEMS (Great Explorations in Math and Science): inquiry-based approach involved in hands-on learning

Conscious Discipline: comprehensive social and emotional intelligence classroom management program

Young Investigators: provides ideas for teachers in developing investigative projects with young children

I Am Moving, I Am Learning (Be Choosy, Be Healthy): program devoted to promoting healthy, active lifestyles

Leap Into Literacy: designed to develop language and literacy skills in children so that they are ready to become good readers

All of our curriculum is properly aligned with the Illinois Early Learning Standards.

Our program contracts with the University of Illinois Extension on their Food and Nutrition Program.  They come into the classrooms once a month (except October and March) to provide a nutrition curriculum. The schedule is as follows:

August: Introduction to Food Guidance System/Hand Washing
September: Grain Lesson
October: No lesson this month
November: Vegetable Lesson
December: Fruit Lesson
January: Dairy Lesson
February: Meat/Protein Lesson
March: No lesson this month
April: Breakfast/Manners
May: Food Group Review