Friday, July 3, 2015

Contributions to Excellence

Our Contributions To Excellence

To be a positive role model to the student not only in my

classroom, but to the students in my building.  I will

strive to work at my craft everyday in order to teach my

students effectively.  My goal is for my students to learn

the skills necessary to become life long learners.
-Mr. Henry Hall

To participate and contribute to our building wide

groups and to continue to seek out opportunities to

enhance and broaden my knowledge base through

workshops, collaboration, and community groups.

-Ms. Melissa DeFauw

To expect and help every student to achieve to the best

of their abilities in a fun and safe environment.

-Mr. Greg Hiner

To strive to help my school family ensure a safe and

learning environment throughout our school year.

-Ms. Erica Hancock

To reach out in a positive manner to as many kids, staff,

and parents each and every day!

-Mr. Rod Hill

To help children learn and use values, manners, sharing,

language, acceptable social behaviors, math skills, and

personal skills.  Continue working as an EDR Team and

helping where needed throughout our entire team/staff at

Earl Hanson School.

-Ms. Barb Wignall

I will make extra effort to stress the positives.  I will try to

create a love of math, never allowing the not good at it


-Ms. Ellen Martin

Meeting my students where they are and taking them

further than they ever thought they could go.  Working

together as a team/family with students and staff to have

a fun and educational year.

-Mrs. Dillender

To help my students enjoy learning and be as successful

as they can be as learners.  I will do this by looking for

their strengths and building on their strengths.

To treat staff and students with respect as we learn

together.  I will strive to create a positive learning climate

where each child is valued and is able to learn and grow.

-Ms. Lievens

To keep a positive attitude with my students, reminding

them that they can do great things musically.  They can

all learn to read music, they can all perform successfully,

they can all learn about music history, and they can all

learn to use music to meet their needs.  I will enable

students musically!

-Mrs. Mercer

To foster a desire for learning and continuous


To provide a positive, challenging, academic


To enjoy every teaching day.

To encourage students to achieve at high levels.

-Mrs. Voltz

To do whatever it takes to better serve our students.  I

will also make their transition from home to school as

painless as possible.  Every student is and will be a

valuable person in our room and all that we do.

-Mrs. Winstein

To be an integral part to my team so all the students in

are successful.  I will be available before and after school

to help any struggling student achieve success.

-Mrs. Cobb

To maintain a safe and nurturing environment where all

students can have an active part in their learning

experience.  I will achieve this by having the students

work throughout the year individually, in pairs, and in

groups.  I will teach them to be kind to everyone and to

work together as a family.  I have set high expectations

for myself as well as for my students.

-Mr. Goins

My Contribution to Excellence Every Day this school

year will be:

To help build a strong EDR Team including our new

speech therapist, new psychologist, and new principal.

To continue my professional development by

attending several ECSE workshops this school year.

To continue to expand the EDR curriculum especially

in the areas of thematic units and HWT.

To help each child have a successful year in EDR

using Whatever It Takes.

To contribute to the building in whatever ways I can to

make Hanson School achieve Excellence Every Day.

-Mrs. Roderick

To help our preschoolers become EXCELLENT

communicators in school and in the community.  I want

to provide them with a nurturing learning environment.

-Kathleen Reinhold

To diligently guide my students to meet their IEP goals

and objectives.   I will help them work on appropriate

social skills.  I will work on making learning fun and

school an enjoyable place to come to.

-Mrs. Heimburger

I will work to devise, implement, and revise a plan to

integrate technology into my classroom in meaningful,

effective ways.  I want to use Accelerated Math and

Renaissance Place components.

-Mrs. Strickler

To work with my students on the skills that they need to

learn in order to be competent and successful.

-Mrs. Bryan-Strandlund

To help students develop their best possible

communication skills.

-Mrs. Kramer

To work closely with staff, students and parents to better

meet individual students’ needs.

-Mrs. Niemeier

Do my best to teach my best, despite the many

challenges that exist in my classroom

Do whatever it takes to help students learn and achieve(I

really liked the WIT that the District came up with this


Maintain my positive, sunny attitude even when tough

situations could get me down.

-Mrs. Jorgensen