IMEA Audition Results!!

Mrs. Braddy and Mr. Tollenaer are so proud of all the students who tried out for IMEA. Your hard work and dedication is inspiring. The following students were selected to attend the Illinois Music Educators Association Festivals:

Jazz Band
Sabrina Alt- Trumpet (WJHS8)
Matt Benson- BarI. Sax (WJHS8)
Nate Gustafson- Trombone (WJHS8)
Melissa Hagerty- Tenor sax (WJHS8)

Concert Band
Sabrina Alt- Trumpet (WJHS8)
Alexandra Axup- Trumpet (WJHS7)
Lauren Bell- Clarinet (WJHS7)
Matt Benson- Bari. Sax (WJHS8)
Madison DePover- Clarinet (WJHS7)
Nate Gustafson-Trombone (WJHS8)
Melissa Hagerty- Tenor Sax (WJHS8)
Samantha Johnson- Clarinet (EDISON8)
Rebecca Knuth- Flute (WJHS7)
Elizabeth Moore- Alto Sax (WJHS8)
Connor Purvis- Euphonium (WJHS8)
Erik Tunnell- Trumpet (WJHS7)
Jordan Wakeland- Trumpet (WJHS8)


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